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"What else can I do, love? I know it isn't you, love. I'd never be untrue, love. You know I'd never stray. But that river's rolling and distant bells are tolling, telling me that I am bound away.

Take me by the hand, love. Say you'll understand, love. We will meet again love, on another day. There is much I don't know, I don't know where dreams go. All I know is I am bound away..."

Jane, 22, California. Horseback rider, aspiring zookeeper, Marie Antoinette lover. I post anything that tickles my fancy.

(If I own it, it's tagged as "personal". Previously littlefallofrain)

Dear Zach,

So sorry it has taken me this long to respond, I have just been super busy these past few months (I know that sounds like a lie, I promise it’s not). I want you to know that I truly enjoyed the time we spent together, and that your affection was most certainly not unwarranted.Please don’t blame yourself for our drifting apart, as it was as much my fault for letting my phobia of change get in the way of the possibility of ‘us’. And I’m sorry for being so cold to you in the end, my pride got the best of me as it often does and I’m afraid I was a rather horrible person. I just couldn’t let someone in to melt my little black heart. I hope you are well and I wish you the best. I miss you